Friday, March 8, 2013

Marching Forward

My life seems to be an uneven mix of the good and the bad. I might just have had the worst week of 2013 right before my birthday. Whatever don't kill you makes you stronger right? I do hope so. 

I spent my 21st birthday with my grandmum and a couple of close friends available for the affair. I wish I had more stories to tell but 20-something birthdays aren't just all that fun, especially when you're hosting it at home, just got home from another event, starting it at 10pm and half of the expected guests couldn't make it. 

It was fun but stressful, even with only 4 guests around. And at around 1am, I was cleaning up someone's puke off the floor. LOL. 

As for presents, I finally got something I've been dreaming of for almost 2 years.

Unfortunately, my experience with it was fairly anti-climactic. It's a very lovely shade but made me look ill. What's even more frustrating is that it doesn't go well with my dark hair color. I didn't want it to got waste, thus inspiring the creation of these...

An non-model with a photographer who isn't a photographer. It wasn't planned and the outcome didn't turn out the way I thought it would be, but what the heft?!? I LOOK GORGEOUS! Hahahaha, yes, I'm owning it tonight. I've never felt this sexy when I have never been as chubby as I am today in my entire life. Although this does make me want to lose weight and want to have a photoshoot done by a professional. You're only young once anyway. :) 

Enjoy the extended weekend everyone! :D

Stay gorgeous,