Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Face Shop: Angel Skin Foundation and Angel Skin Make-up Base Review

I must admit that this is a post looooong overdue. I've moved out from the flat where I originally took these photos and I am moving out again! Hahaha. The good side of it is that I have used the products for approximately 6 months, more than enough to give you a detailed review.

 The Angel Skin Make-up Base comes in a green 30ml tube with a screw cap 

The Angel Skin Foundation also comes in the same packaging but in pink.

The primer has a watery consistency with a green hue which helps tone down redness as a green concealer would. Used by itself, it will leave your face looking white and pale. 

The foundation also has the same watery consistency with bit of a yellow undertone. Perfect for most asian women. The shade I got is NB21.

 Here's a photo of myself wearing both products, un-retouched for 5 hours.

You can see a bit of oiliness coming through (and sweat) but so far it's holding up pretty well 5 hours after application.

My take on these Products . . . 

They're cheap and work quite well. It can get heavy and cakey so remember apply just a suitable amount for your entire face. I have no issues with the color since it blends pretty well with my skintone and I didn't experience any breakouts with either of the products. The only part that troubled me is the packaging, it's messy and very inconvenient, you also tend to get more product than you need because of its runny consistency. 

Would I recommend it?

Primer: I'm not a huge fan of concealers, it's something I don't use unless I have to cover up a huge blemish. I would recommend this for people who have cover up any redness on their face. 

Foundation: Yes, this is great for people with yellow undertones. Not a Holy Grail material but worth the try. 

Cost Per Use:

I believe I purchased both on sale at the price of 425PHP each (Approx. $11USD)
My tubes lasted 6 months with at least 4 times a week of usage. 

12(times used in a month) x 6 (number of months) = 72 Applications.

425PHP / 72 Applications =  5.90PHP per use. 

Overall Rating:


Wishing you a Serene Sunday ahead,